We make interiors work

‍The spaces in which we work and meet have a direct and indirect impact on how we feel and how we function. The more the interior reflects the wishes and characteristics of the user, the greater the sense of happiness. That in turn increases productivity and ultimately your turnover.

‍InteriorWorks specialises in furniture and interior design solutions in the hospitality, office, education and healthcare sectors. We have the knowledge, the people and the network to create a complete interior. Our interior philosophy is based on the combination of the three pillars shown here. This is the key to successful interior design. Want to know more? Please contact us.


We analyse how you work

‍We analyse the key values of the organisation, how you work and how you want to work. Based on this analysis, we look for the right approach.

We advise what works for you

We seek the best balance between operational efficiency and a safe, healthy, fun and sustainable environment. 

We make your interior work

We deliver inspiring, representative, quality project designs for any budget and when it suits you. 


‍We analyse how you work

‍We want to know what type of organisation you are, what you stand for and what your objective is. In this way, we can provide suitable advice and together create a successful interior. We use various tools for this analysis, such as the following.

Mood check:
based on a mood check, we establish what look & feel most appeals to you and which best suits the company and the space.

Inventory programme:
we study relationship patterns on the work floor and the number of square metres required per person, for example.

Environmental analysis:
before we embark on the design plan, we always study the environmental factors that could affect the space.

through brainstorming or scrum sessions, we try to find answers to the most diverse questions. This enables us to discover the situation in your company, what direction you wish to take and how we can create an interior which promotes this and which makes everyone feel comfortable. These questions might include: What is your ambition level? Does the interior also act as a marketing instrument? Are the company and employees open to change such as The New Way of Working and boosting the happiness factor? How far do you wish to go in the field of sustainability? What interior style suits you best?


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‍We advise what works for you

‍We seek the best balance between operational efficiency and a safe, healthy and fun (working) environment. To achieve this, we take a number of factors into account.

InteriorWorks strives to create an interior in which the user is key. Because the happier the user is, the better the productivity and the lower the absenteeism. We therefore like to create a workplace which feels like home. Where movement is stimulated and where there is a sense of solidarity. All aspects are considered:

  • Finishing touch: from the lighting to the latest gadgets and styling.
  • Health: healthy restaurant formulas and healthy snacks, for example.
  • Relaxation: from power nap areas to yoga sessions and massage chairs.
  • Entertainment: who doesn’t enjoy playing some snooker or table football?

‍It’s all about how far you wish to go to make the user happy. We will be delighted to provide ideas on the happiness factor in the company.

We create an interior in which health risks are prevented. Based on the type of use, we choose the best products for a safe interior. In doing so, we take into account health and safety legislation and Dutch Practice Guidelines (NPR).

We give all our clients sustainable advice, because we feel it is important to contribute to the circular economy. To enable us to do so, we have a database of sustainably developed products, circular products and we specialise in upgrading second life products. We look for used furniture on the market or use existing furniture and give it a second life.


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Project Efficiency

‍We provide inspiring, representative, high quality project design for any budget and within the agreed timeframe. Together with our VCA certified partners, we ensure that everything is delivered and installed fast and safely. The Interiorshop has a safe shopping guarantee (Thuiswinkel waarborg) and we have ISO certification. In order to guarantee project efficiency, we manage the following areas.

Cost control:
We deliver a suitable interior for any budget. We do what we say and there are no hidden costs later on.

We could talk for ages about delivering quality, but we would rather prove it through the following certificates and our satisfied customers.

We have a warehouse with 3,500 pallet places, enabling us to facilitate storage and transhipment. We can also provide temporary storage of inventory in the event of Disasters.. Our permanent warehouse managers ensure easy installation on site. They have the right equipment and transport to organise everything smoothly.

In order to extend the lifespan of the products, after delivery we offer a maintenance contract in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this contract, we agree when periodical maintenance will be performed, what the response time is to a query, what parts are kept in stock and when replacement furniture is offered as part of maintenance and guarantee.


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‍We make interiors work for you

How exactly does this work?

We will be happy to explain.

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